Small groups

Small group sessions are specifically designed for first time parents and offer a full antenatal course covering all aspects labour, birth and the early days with your new baby.

The sessions are relaxed and friendly with usually just three or four couples making it easy to any ask questions or participate in ways that feel comfortable to you. The sessions aim to meet the needs of both women and their birth partners. We will spend time looking at issues from both your perspectives and ensure that you both feel as relaxed and confident as possible as your baby’s birth approaches.

Topics include
  • End of pregnancy and early signs of labour
  • The phases of labour and birth – what’s happening & what helps
  • Comfort measures & pain relief options
  • Communicating your hopes & wishes
  • What if you or your baby need help during labour
  • Lamaze breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Why birth partners are so important
  • Welcoming your baby – the first few hours
  • Early days with your new baby

Practical support....

  • when to call the hospital & get advice or support
  • when to make your way into hospital or call the midwife for a home birth
  • what you need to take with you or have ready
  • where to park and parking charges
  • your time on delivery suite or the birth centre
  • your time on the postnatal ward
  • your care once you’re home
  • when to call the postnatal advice line

Emotional support....

  • communicating with one another during labour
  • your hopes & expectations of each other
  • what it means to welcome a new baby into your family
  • your early days as a new family
  • friends & family meeting your new baby
  • what you and your baby will need
  • caring for each other once you’re home